How to Raise Money from a Corporate Event

Corporate events are held for a number of reasons and often benefit both employees and clients . In addition to providing attendees with an enjoyable experience that will create an atmosphere of comradery and boost creativity, many events are often often used as fundraisers. This doesn’t necessarily mean a large event with hundreds of attendees such as a festival, but it may be a smaller, more intimate gathering of potential donors that the hosting company wants to spend some bonding time with.

money-230265_960_720To make this type of corporate event effective, the host will need to plan their outing at a venue where there are activities that can be enjoyed together in a relaxing atmosphere. Nothing will promote bonding more than a day of fishing or skeet shooting. These activities can be an opportunity for bonding over some friendly competition

One way to encourage contributors to give more to a cause is to make them feel like they are getting something in return for their money. Depending on the level of contributions involved, this may include putting the donors name on a brick or plaque, awarding them with a special invitation such as dinner at a top restaurant, or something as simple as a marketing product with the company name engraved or embroidered on it.

Another way to please donors is to make giving fun. Gambling with their money with their losses going to the company’s cause will be a lot more entertaining. Offering an opportunity for them to play roulette or Craps as a way to earn money for the cause can result in their donating far more than they would outright.

Gambling is a fun and inventive way for companies to offer potential donors more fun and a greater value for their money. While some donors will prefer the solitude and shared experience of outdoor activities, others might prefer the excitement and challenge of gambling to increase the amount of money they give.